7-drawer Dresser




Here we are…my first furniture rehab post! This was another project that I completed prior to blogging so in hindsight, there were some additional pictures I likely would have taken. However, this project was very simple and I know you can do it!

First, you need to hear the story to appreciate the deal I got on this piece. I wanted to work on refinishing a small piece of furniture so I headed up to our local Goodwill store. There it was. A perfect sized little dresser that had a warped top, missing knobs, and needed some TLC. At that same moment, I saw my aunt strolling the aisle so we stopped to chat near the dresser. Meanwhile, an elderly lady started eyeballing the dresser. While I was of course very pleasant to her, in my mind, I was like “uh-uh lady, this is mine.” The woman proceeded to mention how nice the dresser was and wondered how much it cost. We started hunting for the price tag but there wasn’t one to be found. I was hesitant to walk away and leave my precious find to this vulture so my aunt, seeing my hesitation to go find an employee, laid her arms across the dresser and told me to go find someone hahahahahaha! I wish I would have had a photo of this because my aunt is barely taller than this dresser!

So I found the nearest teenager and she came over to assist. Naturally, she was unable to make the call on how much this item should be after she couldn’t find the price tag either. She called the manager over and I found out that they will sell it to me for $20! Score! I said I’d take it and the manager walked away. My aunt and I moved the dresser and poof! There on the floor was the price tag…..for $75!!! At that moment, my eyes met the eyes of the teen employee. She picked up the price tag, shrugged, and said, “I heard her (the manager) say $20,” and walked away. Awesome!  And then out of nowhere, the elderly vulture I was so worried about swooped in and…. handed me a coupon. Yep. My inner voice reprimanded me. While I wasn’t outwardly rude to the lady, I felt terrible for thinking she was there to hone in on my find. I tried to politely refuse the coupon but she insisted that she had many more. The dresser ended up costing me $17 🙂

So onto the project…

I removed all of the knobs and got to work.

First, the boring part. Sanding. While this did take a little time to accomplish, it wasn’t nearly as bad as it would have been if this piece had already been painted or had some kind of coating. I’m a sanding block kind of girl if I can help it so I used a sanding block to scuff it up. There was no need to fully sand it down so the scuffing allowed the stain to better adhere to the surface.

Next, I had some left over mushroom colored paint from a table rehab that I completed so I used that to paint the interior of the drawers as well as the exterior sides.

For the stain, I used Varathane Wood Stain in Kona and stained the front faces of each drawer. I wasn’t sure how dark I wanted them so I started out light at first. I went a bit heavier on the next drawer and like the darker shade better. I recommend you do the same or try it out in an inconspicuous area first. I then started on the shell of the dresser. Mid-stain job my dad showed up to help me out because the top piece of the dresser was warped and pulling up on one corner. Nothing a little wood glue and some huge clamps couldn’t handle! He also removed the “decorative” bottom piece and replaced it with a plain piece for me. So the staining had to take a time-out. Once the clamps came off, I finished staining the shell of the dresser.

Finally everything was dry and it was time to re-assemble. The original drawers only had one screw hole because the pulls were knobs rather than handles. In hind-sight, I wish I had just chosen new knobs and made my life easier, but I had my heart set on the industrial pulls so I had to drill new holes into each drawer. Since I did this project over a year ago and my ex actually ordered the pulls off e-bay, I have no clue where they were from!

The finished product found a new home in my bedroom and was the perfect piece for the space!

Good luck on your project!!


Sand paper/block

Rags (that you will throw away)

New handles/knobs