Child’s Diner Chair

Diner Chair


Original piece


Finished seat





Is this chair not the cutest!?

About a month ago I was coming off of maternity leave (boo!!) and heading back to work. I was also newly single (boo!!) and found myself in the process of moving. I did NOT want to haul around all the stuff that I no longer needed, wanted, or that didn’t fit us. So, I joined an online garage sale Facebook site in my community. It’s great! I’m always searching for a deal and not only am I finding deals for myself and my kids, but I’m making some cash selling the stuff we’ve outgrown or lost love for. If you have one of these in your town, I highly recommend joining. People are always selling amazing project pieces! Hence, this adorable little kid-sized diner chair!


20160506_200030I picked up this little guy for $5 and it was in bad shape. There was rust on the metal and as you can see, the bottom was all torn up. My girls and I picked up this gem of a find and headed over to Hobby Lobby. I let my older daughter choose the fabric (which was on sale…always a bonus!) and I grabbed some batting to fluff up the seat a smidge. If you’re purchasing an item that’s not on sale, have no fear. Simply download the app for Hobby Lobby (JoAnn Fabric has one too) and you’ll have an instant coupon at your fingertips 🙂

Next, I headed over to my Uncle Mike’s workshop. Can I say that I have THE best family when it comes to projects?! My dad and all of my uncles (and there are a LOT of them) are expert craftsmen. They have worked independently and/or with local builders for as long as I have known, so they know their s***! When I got there, my dad and 2 of my uncles were there so I was able to clarify what I had already known. It never hurts to get a professional opinion though. I was in need of some steel wool (which I already had at home), primer, and pink spray paint (needed to purchase) to match the fabric we had just purchased.

Tip: Purchase a spray paint grip attachment! It’s so much easier than using the spray can nozzle. Your fingers will hurt less and the spraying will be more even.

It took some digging but I finally found the steel wool. This is better to use on the metal than sandpaper since there’s rust on the metal. You will also need a staple gun, which I already had. I purchased white spray primer and a can of Rustoleum pink spray paint.


Now that I had all of my tools and pieces parts, it was time to get started…

  1. Remove the seat from the metal frame.20160506_200758
  2. Rub down the metal frame with the steel wool (I chose to wear gloves for this because I don’t like the feeling of steel wool!).
  3. Wipe down the metal frame with a damp cloth.
  4. Once dry, spray the metal frame with spray primer
  5. 20160529_123140While the primer dries, remove the old fabric from the seat of the chair. Spread out your fabric and measure out the same size or a little bigger than the piece you just removed. Remember, I was adding batting to the chair that was not there before, so I cut my new piece bigger than the original fabric from the chair.
  6. Place the batting on the seat then turn it upside down onto the backside of your new fabric piece you just cut. BE SURE THAT THE PRINT YOU HAVE LOOKS THE WAY YOU WANT IT TO LOOK BEFORE STAPLING IT ALL DOWN! Pulling the fabric taught, move around the seat of the chair and staple the new fabric to the seat. 20160506_203053
  7. Now that your primer is dry it’s time to add the color!  Take your time and spray in even strokes. It’s better to do multiple light coats than to put on too heavy of a coat and have it dripping all over the place.
  8. Once that paint dries, re-attach the seat cover to the metal frame.

Success! We now have this super cute chair for my little sweetheart 🙂

Tools & Materials:

**If you’re a DIY-er, you will need things like a staple gun regularly so I don’t recommend getting a chinsy one. You don’t need a top of the line model, but I would splurge a little for a decent one with a comfortable grip.

Steel wool

Primer spray paint

Can of spray paint


Batting (optional)